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Wealth Management

What Are Your Goals?

Personal Financial Planning
Planning for Children
Retirement Planning
Medical and Health Planning
Education Planning

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How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The Wealth Management Process requires long and detailed planning. In order to reach the desired goal, a strict and careful plan must be made:

Financial Report

Factors To Consider:

Current Affordability

Feasibilty of the Goal: Too Unrealistic?

What are the risks?

What products are available to me?

Current Tax versus Future Tax?

The Ideal Timing

Desired Outcome

Everything Starts With A Goal

Whether it be for your retirement or for your child's education, your financial planner needs to take many factors into account when creating your goal.



Products that cover a wide range of needs. Transfer your financial risk away in exchange for premium payments.


Investment vehicles with strict mandates. Some provide dividends, where some focuses on Capital Accumulation.


A promise of fixed payments from an individual reputable company. Payment amount varies between each company.


With higher degree of volatility, riskier investments provide opportunities of speculative trades for capital accumulation.

The Financial Planner explores the possible instruments in reaching your goal

HDIW: Three

Not much.

How much risk can you take?

Are you willing to lock your money for a specific period?

Yes, but not more than five years.

Understood, let me take that into account.

*The following is only a visualization and does not represent that actual conversation during the assessment

Factoring in your goal, risk preferances, current market trends, and possible instruments, your Financial Planner will construct a customized portfolio for your needs. More stress tests and analyses are made for fine tuning the ideal portfolio.

HDIW: Four

Your Financial Planner then implements the plan, periodically review, rebalances, tests, and re-implements your portfolio until your goal is reached.


Testing and Tuning



Bear Bright's Role

Bear Bright's Role

Since our establishment, Bear Bright Limited has been focused on providing comprehensive, quality services in both the financial planning and insurance fields

Est. 1998 in Hong Kong

With over 20+ years of experience, our Company and management have weathered through many of Hong Kong's scariest financial crises. 

Licensed To Perform Our Duties

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Tailor Your Portfolio With Our Experienced Team of Financial Planners

We adopted a strict screening process to ensure our team of Financial Planners are fit and proper to provide their role as your personal wealth advisors.


With valuable experience and expertise in:





Fully licensed under the Insurance Authority, our Financial Consultants are trained and experienced in all types of Insurances available in Hong Kong. From simple General Motor Insurances to complex annuities, consult our Consultants to learn more!

Asset Management & Investments




Licensed under the Securities & Futures Commission for Type 1 (Dealing in Securities), Type 4 (Advising on Securities), and Type 9 (Asset Management). Our Financial Planners are trained to provide advices or manage individual discretionary accounts.

Mandated Provident Fund Schemes

Employer Roles

Employee Roles

Fund Selections

Licensed as a Subsidiary Intermediary under the Mandated Provident Fund Authority, our Financial Planners can facilitate both Individual and Corporate MPF solutions. From account set-up to choosing the right MPF scheme for you, just ask our Planners for help! 

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